Friday, July 4, 2014

FASHION: Summer Lovin'

It's 104 degrees outside and I am totally loving it!!! While I have been hearing endless complains from others about this oven-like weather in Vegas, I am all smiles and absolutely enjoying it! Honestly, it feels like home.... Manila heat minus the humidity. 

I think every girl should have an LBD. Nope, not a little black dress... but a little black bikini! Just like a little black dress, it goes with anything and is the ultimate travel companion. I always make sure I have one in my closet and this one from NafNaf is one of my favorites. It has ruffles in just the right places to accentuate my curves. I have a petite frame and this one makes me look a little more curvy. My wild hair colors make the black perfect too! Whatever color my hair is, I don't have to worry about matching my swimsuits with my hair.

Oh, and check out my awesome  swimsuit cover up from @redshopzco (instagram). It can be worn in a multitude of ways! Here I will show you my favorite way to wear it:

So pretty isn't it? I can use it for parties too because it looks like a grecian inspired dress and doesn't look like a swimsuit cover up when I put the gold chain on my waist.

Images by Eunice Vallesteros of Purple Dot Photography

@shootthatpurpledot (Instagram)

Platinum Blonde and Blue Hair color by Angelo Falconi III
@angelofalconi_d3rd (Instagram)

Black Swimsuit from NAFNAF

Swimsuit Cover up from @redshopzco (Instagram)

Gray Contact Lenses from @iluvsparklecontactlenses (Instagram)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Events: Tuesdays with Chef Kristina / Cafe de Cebu

Being out and about in Las Vegas is certainly an experience! The parties are endless and  you can just have fun 24 / 7! But Las Vegas is not all about the parties and nightlife. Another thing I love about this city is the food!

Kristina Elmido is an amazing chef who I met in this city. Her love and passion for food and what she makes out of this passion is indeed amazing! Kristina held her first pop up event at Cafe de Cebu, Las Vegas last June 10th. As a Filipino-American, Kristina celebrated her heritage with a four course Filipino fusion meal. So many nationalities gathered for a feast of food that was unique to their taste but definitely delicious to them. I felt so happy seeing how so many different nationalities were enjoying food that reminded me so much of home. This was Kristina's menu for her first event:

Sauteed Minced Chicken, Caramelized Cabbage, Sweet Chili Aioli

Tamarind "Sampaloc" Salad
Spring Mix, Carrots, Pecans, Raisins,
Tamarind Honey Mustard Emulsion

Chicken Adobo Americana
Grilled Chicken Adobo, Apple Soy Balsamic Reduction,
Tomato Concasse, Jasmine Rice

"Halaya" Cheesecake
White Chocolate Purple Yam Cheesecake
Cafe de Cebu's Beautiful outdoor setup was the perfect ambiance for Tuesday's with Kristina. Long tables were set up for "communal" seating reminiscent of the way Filipinos always eat together as a family. Seashells, petals and candlelight lined the tables and hanging lights lighted the outdoor area. Music was provided for by DJ Francis Navarro and everything was just oh so perfect for a fun, relaxing dinner.

Chef Kristina with Shannon of Fox 5

Beautiful outdoor setup of Cafe de Cebu

Kristina will be holding her next event this coming July 8th, Tuesday. What the menu will be is still a surprise. But whatever she is serving is going to be a delicious feast that's for sure!

Want to join this event? Come join the fun! 
Tickets are running out so please do hurry and purchase them while they are still available. Text (562)9165844 or email See you there! =)

Friday, June 20, 2014

ADVENTURES: TIESTO at Wet Republic Las Vegas!

You know Summer has officially started in Las Vegas when all the Pool Parties are starting to happen. But if you want Epic Craziness ---- that is The Wet Republic at the MGM Grand. The best DJ's are playing and the large party area is filled to the brim with a throng of people dancing in the pool until the sun goes down. I went on one of the craziest weekends, Memorial day weekend, And with TIESTO playing, I knew I was in for an epic day. This is the weekend where all prices are jacked up. Men were charged a whooping $125 at entry, no guestlists! Ladies are privileged with a lower $50 rate but my friend Breeze and I were lucky to get in VIP access! Sizzling hot ladies in blue bikinis go up on stage and spray the party people with champagne. Large Tumblers of Pina Coladas quenched our thirst and we had so much fun on our VIP beds with our new girlfriends from England. What an experience!!! Summer in Las Vegas is not complete without the pool parties! Wet Republic did not disappoint and I can't wait to go to another one!

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